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We facilitate brands rapid market penetration in region or countries in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) with the spread of a proven business concept to the master franchisee firm, and the considerable resource sharing necessary for franchise expansion. The franchisor’s international expansion efforts will succeed only if it does select the right partner as a master franchisee—if the “right chemistry” does exist between the two partners. 

We also communicate on conditions & benefits, organize and pre-negotiate on your behalf with selected investors


We coordinate all legal documents execution from:  Non-Disclosure Agreement  /  Letter of Intent /  Memorandum Of Understanding  /  Franchise agreement  /  Franchise schedules agreement both in English & Arabic


Franchise agreement is key. It will establish all the rules and conditions of the partnership and the franchise structure. We extend our support in making sure that both parties agree on all the clauses in the contract and understanding all the implications of the agreement before signing


Franchisor going into a new market may require local adaptations, the scope of operations of the franchise as a whole may expand with the geographic expansion of the franchise. In addition to adaptations to product and service offerings, there could be changes to the business format. We are here to propose and support the franchisor’s concept adaptation to align with the local market e.g. equipment, raw ingredients, offers, Standard Operations Procedures, store layout, interior design, distribution channels and marketing to name but a few


The Establishment Operations Systems of both the franchisor and the franchisee firms are essential to ensure entrepreneurial dynamics within the franchise partnership and, eventually, a successful franchise relationship. Moreover, both firms depend on each other for the realization of specific objectives. On behalf of the franchise, we support your business on the ground on Standard Operation Procedures. We can be your eyes on the ground ensuring a smooth operation across the outlets. We are doing audits and sending reports to both the franchisor and the franchisee management following our support visits


We coordinate project control, project planning and timeline. We review each shop drawing and kitchen layout and control data requirements. We guarantee sites are optimized and in line with the Standard Operations Manuals and Franchisor Interior Design Guidelines. We monitor the project manager and local contractor. Our team is also qualified to provide the shop drawings for your franchise outlet


We facilitate brands rapid market penetration in the Middle East region with the spread of a proven business concept to the master franchisee firm. We are following up with the franchise to monitor the expansion plan time frame as per the schedule and number of openings notified in the franchise agreement. We provide strategic advices to the franchisee to achieve their expansion targets and goal in time!


We have multiple ways to promote your brand. Expertfranchise-Me participates in most franchise events from exhibition to forums across the MENA region. We represent your brand providing all required information and pre-negotiate on your behalf. You are also welcome to join us for events. We will be happy to assist you organizing your visit.

Our expertise extends to strategic marketing plans adapted for the Middle East audience. We provide several marketing platforms from Digital, Social, PR, Content, Filming, Influencers, Radio and OOH to further brand awareness and offer tailor-made B2C and B2B marketing plans within your budget